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  • How do I refer someone to Accessible Home Care?
    To submit a referral please give us a call at (785) 493-8111.
  • Will Accessible continue to provide services during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Absolutely. We can't imagine a time that home health services were ever more needed people need to stay at home where they're safe and reduce their risk of exposure to COVID. Absolutely we're delivering all of our services at home and we have full intention to continue.
  • Will Accessible be cancelling any non-essential visits?
    At this point we haven't deemed any of our visits non-essential. Yes, some of our visits are lower skill level, maybe we're doing grocery shopping, housekeeping type services to some people, but that could be incredibly important for them to be able to stay home in a safe clean environment. So at this time, we consider all of our services essential to keep our elderly population at home and safe.
  • How do I know that the Accessible staff won't bring COVID-19 to my house?
    There are many steps we are taking to minimize the risk of staff and patient exposure. Medicaid has given us a list of questions that the staff must ask before each and every visit, some of which are, “have you traveled to a foreign country? Have you been on a cruise ship? Have you been exposed to anyone that's traveled outside our designated areas? Do you have a fever or cough?” These questions are being asked before our staff visit the home. If the patient has a fever or cough some additional screening is done. If the travel questions are answered yes then the staff are referred to speak to their clinical manager so we can determine the best course of action to meet that need. Accessible is vigilantly screening, we've done advanced infection control training with all of our staff and every level has had advanced training. We are separating our clinical staff from our office staff so we don't expose our caretakers. We've been very clear with our staff: please stay home, minimize your exposure, don't visit with people in the grocery store, wash your hands. We’ve done several hand washing in services for our staff as well as bag technique - how to keep your supplies clean going house-to-house. And we've been very clear with our staff: if you are sick do not come to work. We're staying healthy, we’re only sending healthy staff out. We're screening, we're educating, we're staying up-to-date on all the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control as well as Kansas Department of Health and Environment. We’re attending conference calls with hospitals and emergency management calls. We are working around the clock to make sure we have the latest information and we disseminate that to our staff in a timely manor.
  • What can home health do to help me during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    If Accessible Home Health can get you your health care at home, you're minimizing your exposure to other people that would be in a facility type setting. Our nurses can come teach and train you on your medications, assess your heart lung sounds, care for your wound, set your medications up. All of our services that we would traditionally offer are still available during the time of this pandemic.
  • What can I do to help protect health care workers during this outbreak?
    You can help by: making sure you wash your hands, staying home instead of being out and about in the community, don't hug our staff when they show up. We don't shake hands at this time. So if you see a nurse in the grocery store, don't stop us for a conversation. We need to minimize our risk so we can stay healthy and care for the at-risk population that we serve. The majority of our customers are elderly and all the studies are showing they have the greatest risk of having difficulty recovering from a COVID-19 diagnosis. So stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!
  • What are some steps I can do to keep myself and my family safe during this time?
    Good hygiene practices at home, wiping the counters, the doorknobs, the light switches and frequently touch places daily with a bleach solution. Good nutrition, good sleep and exercise, those are things will keep your immune system in good shape and minimize your risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Who pays for home health?
    There’s so many funding opportunities out there. Obviously Medicare pays for home health if you meet their qualifying criteria. All three Medicaid programs, Aetna, Sunflower, and United pay for home health services as well as Senior Care Act, Older Americans Act, Veterans Administration, private insurance. So if you call our office and speak with our intake department they'll connect you with the right person here that can work through your insurance and payment options to get your services delivered at home.
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